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I made the blog again yippeee! Did I tell you I go nuts when I see my name in your blog??

At first I was like, who's this jody???? ahhahah because you always call me jodes! then I kept reading and realized it was me! :)

You are welcome! I can remember calling you in tears when Aidan was about Erin's age. Bawling.Feeling drained emotionally, sleep deprived, and SO post pardom. Feeling like I didn't know what the hell I was doing and had no business being responsible for another human being! Yep no sugar coating there! you probably had nightmares about it!
There is no doubt about it! Motherhood is FREAKING hard!

I will promise you this. She will get easier, she will sleep through the night eventually and you will get the hang of all this.

AND I know I say this ALOT but....

It's so much easier the second time around. Poor Aidan and Erin get the rookie moms!

Just think of how much you'll be able to help Beth and Tricia when their little bundles of joy come along!

Hang in there! You're doing a great job!


Oh and we WILL get the little Diva on a schedule! rest assure but don't expect her to sleep 12 hours just yet...cause it's going to take a while but I will get you there...


you're the cutest! it must have been the sleep deprivation that made me call you jody instead of jodes. haha.

okay last night sucked again, only 4.5 hours,but i am just throwing out the fact that she can sleep 8 hours and starting again. nap #1 based on your suggestion has been a success! she soothed herself to sleep. now we'll just see how long it lasts. 5 min, 30 min or a dreamy 2 hours. haha

thanks again!


Do you get parents magazing?


nope. i have read a few but haven't subscribed or anything.

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